Angel Harps Harp Therapy Healing Harp Music Angel Harps


by Carolyn Weislogel

Angel Harps Harp Therapy Healing Harp Music Angel Harps



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The Armenian Red Angel and the Foundation called 'Aghavnee's Angel Call'

Read my true story about the
Armenian Red Angel and the
Foundation called "Aghavnee's Angel Call"

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"Angel of Armenia" are
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Angel Harps Harp Therapy Healing Harp Music Angel Harps



Carolyn says, “So many times people have asked me: ‘How do you know these things about me when you have never seen me before?’ My answer is usually the same, ‘I don’t know these things, but the angels do. They want only the best for each of us.’ Often, the correct information gives the individual the ability to let go of old burdens and allows them the freedom to regain peace. It’s really wonderful to experience how the angels work with each person. It has been a real joy to watch people’s lives shift so much.”

People have experienced profound, life enhancing results from private “Healing with the Angels” sessions with Carolyn.

Carolyn uses angel harps to connect with your personal angels and relays the messages she receives. She helps us move beyond old blocks so we can create a more fulfilling, joyful life.

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Body Mind & Soul
Carolyn was here on Sunday for a full day of sessions!! And it was WONDERFUL!! Everyone I've talked to has a much clearer understanding of what in their past lives are touching them now in their current ones. And, therefore, how to deal with today in a more effective and "aware" way. Knowledge was given and healings began. The angels speak to Carolyn and she tells you what "they" want you to know. We are all a few steps further in our own personal journeys thanks to Carolyn, the Angels and her Angel Harps.

"Carolyn is one of the most gifted people I know. Her connections with the Angels during our sessions have given me clarity and peace in my life."
Keli, Michigan

"A friend initially referred me to the "Harp Lady for healing. I now return to Carolyn time and time again for the insight and inspiration the Angels consistently convey to her."
Cindy, Michigan

“My experience was profound and life changing. My daughter and I have experienced an awakening of our hearts to greater joy and abundance. The harp plays your “heart song,” allowing a natural attunement to occur. The angels also provide gifts to light your path. Thank you.”
J. L., Livonia, MI

“My experience with the angels answered life long questions, as well as giving my life and career a whole new direction. It was truly a life changing result. I can’t thank you enough for shedding so much light into my life.” 
T. L., Charlotte, NC.

“Thank you so much for bringing through information about my departed husband. It meant so much to me. It really helped me with my grieving process.”
N. L., Charlotte, NC.

"These sessions have really helped me understand why certain situations are in my life, and how to heal them. I have seen profound changes since working with the Angels. I am now putting more of my gifts to use. Thank you for a greater sense of peace!"
Dr. C. T. Strongsville, Ohio

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