Angel Harps Harp Therapy Healing Harp Music Angel Harps


by Carolyn Weislogel

Angel Harps Harp Therapy Healing Harp Music Angel Harps



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The Armenian Red Angel and the Foundation called 'Aghavnee's Angel Call'

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Armenian Red Angel and the
Foundation called "Aghavnee's Angel Call"

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Angel Harps Harp Therapy Healing Harp Music Angel Harps


Music therapy has recently become a popular way to alleviate many disease or problems caused by diseases. Recently, on a program called “Beyond Chance”, there was a woman interviewed who had MS. Her body was failing quickly, but she decided to learn how to play the harp. In a short period of time, she had regained the total use of her limbs.

A doctor was interviewed and asked how he thought this was possible. His theory was that the harp was stimulating the thymus gland, which was increasing the body’s natural healing abilities. I have heard this kind of healing taking place from several different sources. “Day One” also had a program about this same kind of healing.

I make a small harp, which is called an Angel Harp. It is small enough to be taken anywhere, but still gives out the same vibration as the large concert harps. This requires no musical talent or lessons. Anyone can make it sound beautiful just by strumming the strings. Please feel free to ask me for a sampling of the Angel Harps. You can feel the vibration go all through your body.

Angel Harps are priced at $950 which include the semi-hardshell case. The differences in price are due to different woods. If you have any questions call Carolyn, the Angel Harp Lady today on 330-655-2185.

Each angel harp has a unique sound to lighten up your corner of the world by providing an angle's touch to people of all ages.

The angel harps have their own individual sound depending on the wood used in making these fine instruments. One angel harp is sure to respond to your individual heart's call. These angel harps are used in hospitals, nursing homes, working with children, hospice, massage therapists and individuals to bring balance, comfort and peace to every heart. Experience the vibration of an angel's love with an angel harp.

Angel Healing Appointments go quickly, so please Call Today 330-655-2185, to schedule your private session!  If you prefer, simply complete my the contact form.

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