The Armenian Red Angel and the Foundation called 'Aghavnee's Angel Call'
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The Armenian Red Angel and the Foundation called 'Aghavnee's Angel Call'

Read my true story about the Armenian Red Angel and the Foundation called "Aghavnee's Angel Call"

Limited Edition Prints of this wonderful picture of the "Angel of Armenia"
are available to raise money  to feed children
all over the world
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The Story:
I had returned from a trip to Aruba where I was a guest speaker at a large meeting, sharing information about the Angel Harps I sell. It was received very well, with 350 people in attendance. When I returned to the States, I then proceeded to Myrtle Beach for another speaking engagement. It turned out to be a small group, so it was easy to allow everyone to play with a harp after the talk. There happened to be a young music teacher present, who just connected with the sounds he created. He left without purchasing one, even though he was very interested.

The next morning, his wife called me to ask if I might be willing to exchange one of her original Angel paintings for a harp. Since I had never seen her work before, it was not easy to commit to the exchange, but something said go ahead. It was her husband's birthday, and he was really excited about getting a harp.

When they arrived, my eyes fell immediately on one of her paintings of a child about 8 years old. They explained that she was the "Angel or Armenia", and she was in the snow wiping away all the blood from all the civil wars they had had in their country, and sending it back to God. I understand thousands were killed in that country in the early 1900's, and no one knew about it, because communications were so poor. She has a red dress on and a red glove on her hand, and the most beautiful long black hair painted in great detail. The lady’s husband had asked her to paint an Angel of Armenia because he was from there. The painting is transfixing. Her eyes follow you no matter where you are in the room. They picked out a harp, and I left that afternoon, with the picture, to drive back to Charlotte.
On the trip back, I heard a voice start talking to me. (As you know from this site, I work with the Angels, doing healing sessions with people all over the world, so to hear one talking was acceptable to me.) She was telling me about children all over the world. She started by saying that every child comes to Earth with a gift to give the world. She went on to say that so many children never get the chance to even find out what their gift is, because they have to struggle for every bite of food. This was not the Creator's plan, and we needed to do something to allow these children, all over the world, to live long enough to find out just what they had to give. I listened in amazement, thinking this was a Herculean job. She then said that she wanted me to have her made into Limited Edition Prints, and sell them. With the profits I was to set up a foundation to feed children all over the world, to give them hope and the freedom to discover their gifts. This was not to be affiliated to other groups, but a completely new one. I was blown away with this idea, because I had never done anything like it before.
When I arrived in Charlotte, I was reeling. So many ideas were coming it was hard to separate them. I stopped at a music store to purchase a new tape to listen to on my way home, for the next leg of my trip. I still had 8 ˝ hours to drive the next day to get back to Hudson, Ohio. I picked up one of John Denver's tapes since I really enjoy him, and had not listened to him in a little while. After spending the night at my sisters I started off the next morning. I popped the tape in and enjoyed singing along with John. As the tape came to a particular song, I heard the Angel say, "Pay close attention to these words". I turned up the volume and listened in total shock. His song,  "I Want To Live", had many of the exact words she had said to me the night before. Tears streamed down my face as I listened almost in disbelief. I replayed that song the whole way home, singing at the top of my lungs with tears streaming down my face. WOW!!!  I even wondered if John himself had directed the purchase of this tape as well as the story, from the other side.

I looked into having the prints made, but it would cost more than I had at that time. I took the painting with me when I traveled to different cities and shared my story. However, there was interest in purchasing the prints, but no one came forth with the start up funds. Everything went on hold for two years. Telling a friend this story in Detroit, she got a clear message, it was time for me to kick this back in gear. "Something will happen to let you know how to proceed", she said.

A couple of weeks later, I was back in Aruba with the Angel Harps, and was talking to someone while I tuned her harp. I told her about this story. She thought it was a miracle!! The day before I left, she stopped by the store where I work, and handed me a check for $500 to get this project started. I was floored. She felt the other $9,500 would also soon be forthcoming. I could not believe that this dream was really ready to move forward. Within two days of returning home, a lawyer had appeared, who would draw up the non-profit papers, free; the lady who designed my web-page, would put the picture and story on my page for nothing; another donation was committed to by a board member; and a photographer agreed to take the picture of the painting, and make the prints for a reasonable cost. All this in 2 days!!! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you will consider buying one or more of these Limited Edition Prints of our beautiful Red Angel.
Lovingly,   Carolyn Weislogel

Price:  $275.00
The picture is sold as a canvas print, 20" X 26" and signed by the artist.
All profits will go into the fund to feed children all over the world.

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These Limited Edition Prints are being sold so that hopefully, thousands of children all over the world will be the beneficiaries of this project. The name of this foundation is "Aghavnee's Angel Call" (pronounced Aravnee).

The profits from the foundation will go to feed children all over the world, to give them hope, and the freedom to discover their gifts. This is not affiliated to any other group.

The picture is sold as a canvas print, 20" X 26" and signed by the artist.
Price:  $275.00
All profits will go into the fund to feed children all over the world.

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download and print order form (Adobe Acrobat PDF)

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